Taking Hwy 17 to your final destination...

Many commuters see Hwy 17 as a speed way, unfortunately!   In extremely wet slippery conditions or sunny you have to be careful.

Our Cruz Properties office is right off Hwy 17 (at the Summit), quite often we see and hear traffic slow downs and then sirens due to accident. It was recently reported on the local traffic report that "...since January 1st there has been over 500 accidents on Hwy 17 alone". Fender benders to road rage to fatalities.

A video cam recording was posted on Facebook recently of a Toyota Prius changing lanes without warning, seemingly drifting over into the right lane next to another car and a truck following that other car hit the center divide (wall) to avoid a wreck, WOW!  Thankfully no one was hurt and the Prius didn't seem to have a clue and kept driving. Nothing against Prius', I actually have one myself. The point is, when driving on Hwy 17 you have to be fully alert! EYES on the road! Absolutely NO distractions whatsoever!

Fortunately hig…